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phpMyAdmin 3.3.4

Downloads: 191237
File size: 2.99MB
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
License: Freeware

phpMyAdmin 3.3.4 Change Log
- bug #2996161 [import] properly escape import value
- bug #2998889 [import] Import button does not work in Catalan
- [browse] Fix handling of sort order if only column is specified.
- [lang] Greek update, thanks to Panagiotis Papazoglou - panos78
- [lang] Updated lot of translation based on work done in master branch.
- bug #3008411 [databases] Last dropped database remains active in navi
- bug #2986383 [parser] Not all data being shown / counted
- bug [synchronize] Rows were deleted in target table regardless of the "Would you like to delete..." option
- bug [privileges] List of tables not shown when the db name has a wildcard
- bug #3011126 [display] Edit link missing after long query
- patch #3013264 [doc] FAQ 1.40 uses a comma instead of a period,thanks to Isaac Bennetch - ibennetch
- [engines] Fix getting InnoDB status.
- bug #2986422 [import] Results for query are not displayed

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